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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, is a general term used to describe a diverse set of disciplines, some simple and some complex, which may be used on-site and off (off-site) on behalf of a web site in order to rank favorably in the search engines' natural search results (these activities are also commonly referred to as search engine marketing and search marketing). One such activity is the optimization of a website's content in order to build authority and relevancy for niche keywords with the aim to increase the quantity and quality of search engine traffic to the web site.

Search Engine Optimization is a complicated subject, and often complex, its core objective it’s quite simple: to attract a high volume of targeted (qualified) visitors to your web site. 

The core objective of Search Engine Optimization is simple: to attract a high volume of qualified visitors to your web site.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

Why is SEO important?

Take a moment to think through the process that got you to our web site, was it by pure coincidence? We don't think so. You wouldn't be here without having access to a computer and an Internet connection, you wouldn't be here if you wouldn't have opened a browser and summoned your favorite search engine and typed in a search query. After pressing the "Enter" key, your search engine of choice yielded its search engine results page where you selectively clicked on the results. What it boils down to is that you were searching for a topic that's relevant to ranking well in search engines. Maybe you're looking for information on how to rank # 1 in Google, or perhaps looking to rank well in search engines in general? That's my bet.

Here's why you should strive to have a prominent presence in the search engines:

In the digital world of the Internet, the tool of choice your prospective customers are likely to use to find products and information on the web is the Search Engine, for Web site owners utilizing search engine optimization to rank well in search engines can be a very profitable proposition.

Consumers widely consider a search engine's top ranked results to be the most relevant and authoritative pages on the web.

Where search driven consumers rarely read past the first or second page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), so being where a customer can find you is not an option. To be successful, you got to be where your customers are. You got to be in search.

Do I really need Search Engine Optimization?

Why are you in business if not to make money? If you're going to be in business, then you have an obligation to the success of your business to generate the highest sales that you possibly can at any given time. Search Engine Optimization helps you accomplish this by putting your service offering or product in front of as many qualified prospects as possible and a web site that has been fine tuned for its market has the potential to reach more prospective customers than any form of advertising.

You work hard for your business, your website should too...

How long would you be in business if no one could find you, your product or service offering? If you depend entirely on online sales, you wouldn't be in business very long. If you have a brick and mortar business, but no prominent online presence, then chances are that you're losing customers to competitors with an established web presence.

Are you still wondering about Search Engine Optimization?

Are you still wondering about SEO?To help put the value of search engine optimization into perspective let's take a look at some key statistics. There are 100's of millions of Web sites on the Internet and billions of web pages. Now look at a search engine results page, perhaps the one that brought you to our web site, how many organic (non-paid) search results do you see listed on the first page? Ten. Sure there may be hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of results for a search query, but on any given search results page, there are ten results (by default) displayed making the front page the most coveted of all pages. Arguably, these ten results are the most relevant to a search query than all the other results according to the search engine's algorithm. Now consider that 70% all searchers don't go past the first page and more than 95% don't go past the third page, if your web site is not found on the front page, second or third page,  then for all practical purposes for having a web site, you're nowhere to be found.

If any of the statements below apply to you, then you're a prime candidate to benefit from a solid Search Engine Optimization campaign:

  • Your web site is not generating enough leads to meet your sales goals
  • The traffic coming to your web site is not made up of qualified visitors
  • You’re not satisfied with your sales
  • You’re not showing up in search results for your niche keywords
  • Your competitors are dominating you in the search results

Whether you're building a new web site, seeking to rebuild your existing web site or boost your visibility on the Internet, we are the Search Engine Optimization experts to help you achieve your Internet marketing goals.

We will work to understand your specific internet marketing requirements and provide you a professional, customized and scalable search engine optimization solution to better position your web site so your customers can find your products or service offering.

We target a wide array of Search Engine Optimization factors to drive targeted traffic to web sites for superior performance and profitability. 

Our list of services include:

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Targeted Traffic that Converts
  • Improved Visibility (branding)
  • Positive Return on Investment (100% guaranteed)
  • Affordable (pays for itself)
  • Measurable Results (quantifiable)



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Let us show you what we can do to get you found, engage your audience, and convert visitors into buying customers.


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