How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization

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There are many entry points into SEO and which point of entry you choice may in large depend on where you are in your development as a webmaster and whether you already have a website or not.

At some point, you became Search Engine Optimization aware and aware that placing well in the search results is business critical for the success of your on-line venture whether as an affiliate marketer, providing services or selling a product. At this point you probably wondered how to get started with search engine optimization. Some of you may already be involved in web development in some way, perhaps as a coder, graphic artists, social media marketer, copy writer, etc. Where ever you are there's a point of entry that makes better sense to you than other available paths. Perhaps it's because your discipline already gives you a foot in, so why not begin there? It makes a lot of sense. If you're a copywriter, start with the content you create. In our journey, we aspire to cover as many facets of SEO as are available today and keep up with emerging changes in the years to come as well as provide insight into the various means of getting started with a shift in mindset. We'll cover more about how to get started with search engine optimization, but for now let's review some of the preliminaries.

Choose a Subject Matter

Chances are you already have a website, but for those who don't this is your opportunity to do some soul searching to uncover the true motivation for wanting to build a website. This is the motivation that will direct you to picking the right subject matter that you're going to be focusing on as you move forward in designing, structuring, creating content and making connections as you mature as a webmaster. For those who do have a website, you're probably ahead of the game if you're satisfied with the subject matter you have chosen if not, then it's best to step back and rethink what your general theme is going to be. For those that don't have a choice, perhaps you're working on a third party's website, then you need to become intimately involved in your employer's interests in order to connect with the site's theme, content, demographic, and so forth.

No Website Yet, But Soon Will

For those of you who don't yet have a website and haven't quite determined what the general theme for your future site is going to be, this is the time for you to start doing your research. Most people are driven by a passion, perhaps a hobby or a cause while others are driven by the need for income absent of a marketing concept. Perhaps you are a business person and want to extend your business to the Internet. Whatever your motive, knowing right from the start what theme you'll be focusing on will help immensely in the process of building a well connected web presence that will see your site through for many years of consistent growth. Picking a subject matter or topic that incites your passion will help fuel your efforts on the long haul.

So You Have a Website

For those that do have a website and want to improve its rankings in the search engines, having a clear understanding of your subject matter, your target demographic and what you want to accomplish is extremely important before embarking on a SEO campaign. If you feel disconnected from your website, chances are that there was some disillusionment somewhere between now and when you first began contemplating your site's core purpose. This is not uncommon, many websites are the result of impulse and void of a well defined strategy, meaning that the definition of success was not well defined, if at all, before picking a domain name and laying HTML on a text editor. If there's a disconnection, step back for a while and try to recall the thoughts and emotions that have lead to where you are. You don't want to walk away too quickly, by refocusing you may be able to a rekindle your interest, passion, or find a new direction without the need to abandon your existing website.

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