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How Often Should I Blog

How Often Should I BlogThis isn't the first time that I tackle the question, "how often should I blog", and in all honesty my answers have been hurried when not curt. So I'm revisiting the question in large part for the benefit of those that have written me in the past, and now, asking for advice on how often they should be blogging.

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How To Build Links By Making Your Content Searchable

How To Build Links By Making Your Content SearchableLet's look at the value of link building and how to build links, launch Google, Bing, or any search engine of choice, and conduct a search for "How to build links". What do you see?

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Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Optimize Your Social Media ProfilesWhen you optimize your social media profiles, be as descriptive as the platform allows you to be, meaning, if you are allowed to enter categories, enter as many as you can as long as they're relevant.

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How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization

There are many entry points into SEO and which point of entry you choice may in large depend on where you are in your development as a webmaster and whether you already have a website or not.

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Recap on Negative SEO, Real or Myth?

On Thu, December 27, 2012, I wrote a commentary about negative SEO titled "Negative SEO, Real or Myth?" Some readers have written back asking a variety of questions that lead me to revisit my article for review. I have to admit that it was driven more from passion than a technical perspective, so I'm going to attempt to make a couple of clarifications here.

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Cheap SEO Services

I'm going to to step out of the comfort zone, that of “be nice and make no waves", to stir things up to warn you about the many SEO service offerings found on the Internet or pitched by the local web guy you've come to know via your local chamber of commerce, rotary club, business association... whatever.

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Google Penguin and The Children's Furniture Store

Google Penguin and The Children's Furniture StoreLet's say, hypothetically speaking of course, that the Google update, code name Penguin was a major flop. What if Penguin failed to accomplish what it was programmatically designed to do, detect low quality links, detect over optimized anchor texts and keyword stuffing?

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Negative SEO, Real or Myth?

Earlier this year I was stunned in reading some of the industry’s most respected names debate over the existence of Negative SEO. Those that argued that Negative SEO does exist didn’t seem to be sure of what they were actually talking about. Some referring to Negative SEO as a Black Hat tactic, others cumulating the negative effects of Black Hat SEO as Negative SEO.

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