Graphic Designer/Production Artist

Reference: JOB91
Location: Eugene (Telecommuting Ok), Oregon, United States

Graphic Designer/Production Artist

We’re looking for a talented Graphic Designer/Production Artist with a good eye for layout and design, strong technical skills, attention to detail and organizational skills. The candidate must be able to multitask and meet tight deadlines. She/he will work closely with the Art Director to ensure all product material consistently meet brand and graphic standards. 


  • 2+ years related work experience
  • Formal design education or training
  • Knowledge of principles of design, including: layout, typography, color, balance, composition and current design trends
  • Demonstrate those skills through delivery of a project portfolio of work, preferably delivered in a digital format
  • Able to recognize and attend to important details with accuracy and efficiency
  • Aptitude to work constructively under stress in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Must be able to take direction, as well as conceptualize, design, and organize marketing projects Consistently apply and enforce style/brand guidelines
  • Detail oriented with excellent organizational/communication skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Must be a team player
  • Working with various graphic formats for print and web, knowledge of optimal format to use based on the particular application

Characteristics of a successful candidate:

  • Offers solutions
  • Anticipates and prevents problems
  • Plans proactively
  • Customer focused
  • Deals with imperfect information and accomplishes goals independently
  • Has a “Can do" attitude
  • Accepts responsibility for mistakes and learns from them
  • Seizes opportunities
  • Resolves conflict, while preserving relationships
  • Approachable, sensitive and considerate

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