Ghost Blogging is Dead. Long Live SEO!

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Ghost Blogging is Dead. Long Live SEO! -

Ghost Blogging is Dead. Long Live SEO!


In a recent announcement, Google introduced a new algorithm update specifically engineered to, and I quote, "negate many of the SEO advantages of the overused phantom tactic of ghost blogging".

Ghost Blogging: A Phantom Tactic

Apparently, according to an article published on "The Search Engine Agents", the announcement had the likes of Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land spooked...referring to Danny Sullivan as a noteworthy SEO luminary, but it fails to be specific about what Danny actually said aside from commenting on the apparent death of ghost blogging as being "ironic". Whatever that is suppose to mean.

Not only has ghost writing been around for a very long time, it's a staple for authors, with many famous writers outsourcing writing. According to some assessments, Google's action comes as a result of SEO practitioners leveraging the practice.

So what's the big deal, and why shouldn't SEO's leverage a legitimate resource? What's manipulative about the practice? This is where Google really shows just how out of touch it is with the actual nature of data, and in what seems to be in an arrogant move, attempt to dictate that media at large.

Is ghost blogging really dead, what do you think?


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