How to Get More Visitors to your Website

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Hey, check this out! SEO on-page convention would have me repeating the keyword phrase "How to Get More Visitors to your Website" several times throughout this article, right; let's see how I can work that in.

The whole purpose of having a blog, or Website is to get something in return, right? Maybe you're looking to have visitors sign up for your newsletters, for the uninitiated we call that "list building", perhaps you have a product or a service to sell, or maybe you're an affiliate marketer, whatever it may be, you accept that not everyone that arrives at your site is going to become a loyal subscriber or buyer, you know that. It's a numbers game and provided that you've done your homework, you know exactly what number of sales you need per month to stay in business. You also know that in order to meet your monthly sales quota you need to convert a percentage of the traffic you get into paying customers, and you need to do it consistently every month, or you'll soon go out of business.

You not only need traffic, you're going to need lots of traffic, and not just any traffic, you're going to need targeted traffic that converts; there's a big difference. Regardless whether you own a brick and mortar business, or an online business, you need search traffic to convert in to buyers.

Potential customers begin their shopping by searching the web. Using their search engine of choice, for many that's Google, they run queries for the products and services they're looking for. Every search results in a list of web pages, these results are referred to as search engine result pages or SERPs. Rankings are based on many factors, including the quality of the information found on the web site as a whole down to the individual web page. The ideal for a search engine is to serve up the sites that have the most relevant information as it may pertain to a given search query. As you can imagine, it's those first few websites that get the most business. By a recent study, conducted by Chitika, the number one (#1) listing on a Google search results page gets approximately 33% of search traffic, and the number 2 listing gets approximately 18% of search traffic, that's a huge difference making the number one result a very lucrative and sought after position. 

No wonder growing your web traffic can be a daunting task. With hundreds of web tactics available to you on the Internet and thousands of variants offering advice on how to generate search traffic, knowing exactly where to start and which tactic applies to your situation only serves to complicate matters even worse. Using your favorite search engine conduct a simple search for "How to Get More Visitors to your Website" and you'll literally get millions of results, millions upon millions of search results on the subject most of which is a regurgitation of the same outdated and often misled information.

I can't tell you how many webmasters have failed because they didn't have a consistent resource for reliable information, but greater is the number of webmasters that have failed due to inaction. Whether it's that they're caught up in a never ending search for the winning formula, or frozen by indecision, the results are the same, failure.

Unlike data dumps, this series is spaced out into 10 plus weeks, to allow sufficient time for implementation and participation in our Q&A.

Stay tuned to learn about the various traffic generation techniques and tactics used by the top performing websites.

The accounts you are about to read are true; only the names and settings have been changed to protect the innocent.


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