An SEO by Profession

An SEO by ProfessionMark Trumble - an SEO by profession, at least that's what he has fancied himself to his family and friends. Not quite the web designer or web developer, SEO was ambiguous enough for Mark to take refuse. A late bloomer living in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle, Washington, Seattle's historic district, an area known for storied streets and enticing cuisine from the world's four corners, unique shops and delightful boutiques, epic pro sports, and nightlife ranging from manic to romantic as well as the less glamorous - aggressive panhandling. Mark doubles as a dishwasher to any of the many restaurants that might need him on a given night. Seattle, Washington, has a different meaning for Mark, it's an IT mecca, home to Microsoft,, and Moz. In Mark's mind, he's an Internet frontiersman staking claims in the wild-west of the World Wide Web. Ooh-rah! It was as if all the right ingredients had come together to make search engine optimization as a course of study and ultimately as a way of life and easy choice. 

It’s been almost four years since he started blogging. Every day he blogs, or at least he tries to blog. When Mark first got into blogging, he never imagined coming up with content was going to be such a challenge. Like so many others in the SEO sector of online marketing, Mark has been conditioned to believe that success in the world wide web is to be found in blogging - producing original useful content - and in implementing SEO with Google's recommended best practices. As a practicing white hat SEO, he diligently maintains paid subscriptions to Hubspot, Moz and, WordTracker.

Mark wakes up every morning before sunrise to the sound of his alarm clock which he sets to go off at 4 a.m. EST, just to be two hours ahead of Wall Street's opening bell – with a cup of coffee in hand he combs through his RSS subscriptions in hope of being among the first to find breaking news he might re-purpose in order to drive much needed traffic to his affiliate site, or find a topic  he can use for a blog of his own, or both. Later as he transitions into the next phase of this morning routine he reviews his analytics only to find that his efforts generated less than a handful of visits for the day before, and he finds his enthusiasm plummeting fast. It’s not even dawn yet. “Damn it, it feels like I’m free falling.” These days it’s sickening. It’s become routine. “Got to stay motivated.” At first he accepted low numbers as part of being a startup. Then he rationalized that it was part of the game. “It’ll get better,” he thought. “I just have to keep blogging, keep producing unique, useful content.” That’s his daily mantra. Several times a day he reaffirms his conviction to the art and science of SEO. Not that easy these days. There was a time when it was even fun seeing the occasional increase in website traffic. But his demeanor changes when we looks back and sees nothing much to show for four years of his life. “Is it time to cut my losses and fold? It’s been four hard fought years in pursuit of what has become an elusive and perhaps unattainable goal. Damned search engines. Can this be it, is this the end?”

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