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I'm going to to step out of the comfort zone, that of “be nice and make no waves", to stir things up to warn you about the many SEO service offerings found on the Internet or pitched by the local web guy you've come to know via your local chamber of commerce, rotary club, business association... whatever.

Most of these goofs offer SEO as if it were an off-the-shelf product with a sticker price to suit. In their marketing, they promote front page placement, search engine dominance and promises of high ranks in search engines for large numbers of search phrases and guess what? All for the low price of $49.95 a month!

These guys even have the audacity to go as far as to attempt to brand and trademark common industry services such as local listings, local brand and organic search as if they've somehow invented them. It's bewildering that it sells, but so do get rich schemes and the four hour workweek. 

Don't Buy Into Hype: It's a Load of Bullsh!t

Cheap SEO ServicesThese guys prey on ignorance and obscurity and on those with erroneous perceptions of search engine optimization. Not only are they a misrepresentation of ethical SEO agencies and individual practitioners, they cheapen the industry with their sideshow sensationalism. “[My Brand] Organic Search [TM], really?

What About Their Success Stories and Case Studies

Success stories as well as case studies can be easily faked and often are, and numbers can be easily baked to give the impression of grand achievement. They get away with it because most consumers won't have the forethought or know-how to attempt to verify the claims. Some of these guys will offer a portfolio as evidence of their SEO powers, but how is an average Joe, or Jolie, going to know what to look for? Most consumers, including many web professionals, don't have the tools or skill sets to qualify the claims, but if they would have the tools and skills, they'll find nothing more than a display of websites, some with poor search engine placement including sites that have been sandbagged making their portfolio a testimonial to just how many unsuspecting consumers will buy into their hype. Taking a good look at their claim to fame (you know who you are) I've found that the sites they offer as evidence of their SEO greatness would have and have done just as well without the monthly $49.95 SEO packages. 

When It Sounds Too Good to be True, Then It's Probably Bullsh!t

When shopping for SEO services be prepared to deal with the snake oil salesman. Look out for:

  • Promises of a front page placement in search engines (it's not that it can't be done, it's how easy they make it sounds...)
  • Claims of being able to generate spectacular traffic
  • ACT FAST: High pressure sales tactics
  • Results are guaranteed without risk

Placing first in the search engines is ideal, but nobody can promise first page placement. Sure, as an SEO one of the many activities I engage in is strategically maneuvering over time targeted web pages where they'll receive the highest and best traffic. By best traffic, I mean productive traffic, but that doesn't happen overnight or without long arduous hours of optimization. 

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TAKEAWAY: Do yourself a favor and put your money in a safe place. If you're looking for SEO services, first learn about the subject from a reputable and unbiased source. Read books, subscribe to SEO related news feeds, and of course, visit our website. One of our goals is to make this website a reliable resource for the uninitiated SEO consumer wanting to learn about SEO. Check out our Affordable SEO and DIY SEO sections for more information.

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