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How Often Should I BlogThis isn't the first time that I tackle the question, "how often should I blog", and in all honesty my answers have been hurried when not curt. So I'm revisiting the question in large part for the benefit of those that have written me in the past, and now, asking for advice on how often they should be blogging.

As with most things, I almost always begin by advising website owners to adhere to commonsense, if you love blogging (writing), if blogging is a passion or serves as a release for your creative, or whatever, then by all means blog to your heart's content. On the other hand, if you cringe at the thought of having to come up with unique, useful content, or if blogging is nothing more than a way of building collateral for future search engine equity, then you might appreciate learning that you don't need to blog every day, especially if you're new and or your site is new or with little or no page rank. You'll do better by reviewing your existing content  for optimization or investing your time building connections in the social sphere and in real life, yes I said real life. 

The popular urban myth, perpetrated by software companies that cater to bloggers, which would have you believe that you need to, somehow, convert your business into a blogging machine is just that, a myth. Sure blogging can and often will help in luring traffic to your website.  It's not about "how often should I blog" but about blogging at the right frequency, about being in tandem with your website's status on the word wide web and with your audience that determines how often I should blog, and not exceeding your website's capabilities to yield you a return on your investment. For many businesses, SEO is the highest form of return for their marketing spend. The benefits SEO provides exceed the value of other marketing approaches including direct mailing, broadcast advertising, online ads, etc.

The next time you ask yourself how often should I blog consider that every blog entry you publish on your site as being a deposit (your commodity is content), the yield you hope to realize from that effort can be measured in many ways, the most obvious metric being traffic followed by likes and shares. Long term returns can come in the form of page rank, authority, backlinks, and long term traffic, and of course continued conversions or sales. Whenever I ask myself how often should I blog I always take my website's status into consideration; where it's been, where it's at, and where it's going in the weeks and months ahead.

NOTE: Do keep in mind that once you decide to start blogging, you're going to need to set goals for your blog, you'll need to measure what kind of activity your site currently has and why does it have that activity, is it organic or is it social, etc. Part of your planning should include establishing an optimal frequency and maintaining it.


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