How To Build Links By Making Your Content Searchable

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How To Build Links By Making Your Content SearchableLet's look at the value of link building and how to build links, launch Google, Bing, or any search engine of choice, and conduct a search for "How to build links". What do you see? In fractions of a second, the search engine yields its findings, and the findings are called Search Engine Results pages. Using Google, I got over one billion results for the search terms "How To Build Links". As you see, how to build links is a popular subject. Let's look at what the results are comprised of. Surprise! They're made up of links with brief descriptions below what is a hyperlink, meaning that the link is active, in other words, the link is clickable.

For better or worse, links are the fibers that make up the World Wide Web, so it stands to reason that links are a key factor in building a searchable web via link building whether it's internally on a site or externally where reaching out to a third party is relevant. At its very core, SEO is link building. It's highly desirable to have quality sites linking to your website, these links are called inbound links or backlinks. Though the practice of using the "NOFOLLOW" link attribute since the release of Google Penguin has become the defacto, linking out to quality websites can contribute in making your website more authoritative to search engines, and the more authority your website has, the higher the Search Engine Results Page rank.

Social signals play an important part into the weight given to your links, so build links by creating content people are going to want to share, in doing so you'll be creating a source for backlinks. By creating and posting engaging content, you improve your SEO equity.

Insider Tip:

Facilitate the sharing process by adding social sharing buttons to your website and individual pieces of content (i.e. blog entries, news items, etc).

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