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Optimize Your Social Media ProfilesWhen you optimize your social media profiles, be as descriptive as the platform allows you to be, meaning, if you are allowed to enter categories, enter as many as you can as long as they're relevant. As you optimize your social media profiles, check and verify that your business is listed in the correct category while editing your basic information. Also, pay attention to the ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections of social media platforms and fill it out using keywords or keywords phrases that best describe your business. Hint: to best optimize your social media profiles, use keywords and keyword phrases users would use when searching for your services or products. When optimizing a Facebook Page for local searches, include your address, city, state, and zip, and when longitude and latitude are options, also include them.

Insider Tip:

As simple as this  insider tip may be, it's surprising how often people fail to use reciprocating links between their social channels and their websites (and visa versa - from their websites to their social channels).

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