A search engine results Page (SERP), is the listing of Web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results normally include a list of web pages with titles, a link to the page, and a short description showing where the Keywords have matched content within the page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, or to the set of all links returned for a search query.

How to Get More Visitors to your Website

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Hey, check this out! SEO on-page convention would have me repeating the keyword phrase "How to Get More Visitors to your Website" several times throughout this article, right; let's see how I can work that in. The whole purpose of having a blog, or Website is to get something in return, right? Maybe you're looking to have visitors sign up for your newsletters, for the uninitiated we call that "list building", perhaps you have a product or a service to sell, or maybe you're an affiliate marketer,

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Search Engine Rankings: What Can I Do To Improve?

That’s one of the most asked questions around here, “what can I do to improve search engine rankings?” Even before going exclusively SEO, while involved in web design and development, I found myself addressing that question every day.

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