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Is SEOSLINGER a dead zone?

One of our readers recently asked, seeing no new activity on our site, if SEOSLINGER had become a dead zone?

It's true that there hasn't been much, if any, activity on this site, but that doesn't mean that SEOSLINGER is dead by any means. This site doesn't define us as a whole and we don't depend on it as a source for new business. It's kind of a paradox, isn't it?

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SEO Company Going Multilingual

The author's views below are entirely her or his own and may not reflect the views of SEOSLINGER.

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Search Engine Released into the Wild

The author's views below are entirely her or his own and may not reflect the views of SEOSLINGER.

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SEO Services in Eugene, Oregon

There's no shortage of companies offering SEO services in Eugene, Oregon. They come in all form factors, web site developers, programmers, website designers, social media experts, barista..It seems like everyone, and their in-law hopped on the bandwagon almost overnight. Some have gone as far as creating neat little monthly packages priced less than the cost of a family dinner at McDonald's, and the naive are gobbling it up.

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After a short hiatus, Emmanuel Rivera, our SEOSLINGER, has emerged from his lab. While the SEOSLINGER blog press has been still, Emmanuel has been consulting web estate owners on the effects of the last Google update, Penguin, which caused quite a bit of upheaval for many SEOSLINGER clients. "Many site owners and webmasters were understandably concerned that their sites may come into the cross hairs of Google, fearing that they may have over-optimized their sites or bought links from questionable sources," said Emmanuel.

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Forum Subject to Sun Setting

Almost seven months after its launch SEOSLINGER is sun setting its Forum section due to a lack of adoption. “It’s been a dead zone thus far”, said Emmanuel Rivera founder of SEOSLINGER. The search engine related forum will probably shutdown by the end of spring, 2012. When asked if there’s any possibility of reconsidering not phasing out the forum, Emmanuel replied, “First and foremost, it's not actually a forum until you have discussions. It would have to be a ground shaking reason to make us reconsider.

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