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How does Google handle duplicate content?

For the most part, duplicate content not only occurs but it occurs in a natural and oftentimes necessary manner as when an authoritative web page or excerpt of an authoritative web page is quoted or referenced usually including a credit link. An example of this practice is the embedded video I've posted here of Matt Cutts of the Google Anti-spam team explaining how Google treats duplicate content.

What should I be aware of if I’m considering guest blogging?

There's been lots of discussion about guest blogging after Matt Cutts blogged about  it in his blog entry titled "The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO". Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO, on January 20th, 2014 titled, kind of dramatical, don't you think? 

What is SEO?

There are as many answers for "What is SEO" as there are people that are SEO aware, including the producers of this website, with some answers being closer to the truth than others. One of the problems in attempting to define or explain what SEO, an acronym for search engine optimization, is, is that it's been explained in every possible way and coming up with a unique explanation is as you can imagine, difficult without raising a flag for duplicate content.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

That depends on what you define as results and in what measure. While achieving search engine placement happens rather quickly with initial results showing up within days of execution, competitive search engine placement begins to manifest within three to six months of launching a campaign. With that said, some results may take years to achieve while others may involve lifelong maintenance.

Do you outsource?

We don't outsource. Though there may be a place for outsourcing in some industries, including Internet marketing and the four hour workweek, we don't believe that our model and client centric core values would benefit from outsourcing. Control is vital to quality assurance and outsourcing doesn't lend itself to our quality control mechanisms. With that said, it's not feasible, or realistic, to house every knowledge base under one roof, so over the years we have developed trusted agency relationships with sources domestic and abroad that on occasion we may proudly call upon.

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