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An SEO by Profession

An SEO by ProfessionMark Trumble - an SEO by profession, at least that's what he has fancied himself to his family and friends. Not quite the web designer or web developer, SEO was ambiguous enough for Mark to take refuse.

How to Get More Visitors to your Website

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Hey, check this out! SEO on-page convention would have me repeating the keyword phrase "How to Get More Visitors to your Website" several times throughout this article, right; let's see how I can work that in. The whole purpose of having a blog, or Website is to get something in return, right? Maybe you're looking to have visitors sign up for your newsletters, for the uninitiated we call that "list building", perhaps you have a product or a service to sell, or maybe you're an affiliate marketer,

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